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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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From the hints that were given in the interview...
- At least 2 ship models will be refits. Sovereign and Akira??
- One ship model *might* somehow be related to Star Trek: First Contact. Sovereign OR Akira? Playable Borg Sphere?? Vulcan Survey Ship??? Phoenix T5 Refit????
- One ship model will likely be a non-Starfleet carrier from a "Federation member race". Caitian Carrier?
- Apparently he has not been given the green light to start modeling the Vesta. Don't care, but others willbe heartbroken
- Chances of seeing the Ambassador will be very low. (based on his forum posts) About as expected as dumb.
Interpreted that a bit.
Yes but you see the Ambassador isan't as cool as the Excelsior and we all knows thats what really matters

You know the one thing that suprises me how people on STO's forums go on about the Excelsior being a popular ship when I know everyone hated it whne it fist showed up.
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