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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Eh, I make more off just scalping things on the exchange. I've got a list of 4-5 items that are expensive sellers, and then just hunt for ones that are under-priced and relist them for higher. I flip the high-end AP weapons, the expensive ship weapon consoles, the shield sci console, a few others. every now and then, people list them for what the 'value' is, rather than what they are selling for, so it's an easy 100k markup at least.

And BoP, failed the KA Elite mission? Must have been a pretty epic shitty PUG! Easy to not get the optional if your group sucks, but takes effort to fail the main mission by letting 10+ probes through. 2 people can make sure you at least pass, while the other 3 fiddle-fuck around with trying to blow the gates. takes a while, but you won't fail. I need the MK XII from that mission, so keep trying it, and I always take the probe duty. kinda boring, but puts me in control, knowing that at least we won't fail because someone's a 'tard.
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