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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Archer, Jonathan, Captain of the Enterprise NX-01
B is for Bill Shatner
C is for the Canopus Planet, where the legendary 21st century poet Tarbolde lived.
D is for D'deridex
E is for Elim Garak
F is for Farpoint Station on Deneb IV.
G is for Gravan VI
H is for Heliopolis City, capital of planet Alpha Eridani II in 2156.
I is for Iconians, famous for their gateways.
J is for Jack Crusher, the late husband of the Enterprise-D and -E chief medical officer
K is for Kirok as in: "I am Kirok!"
L is for Leila, a lovely from Spock's past
M is for Murder which Scotty committed on Argelius II
N is for Narendra of the Enterprise-C's heroic last stand.
O is for Omicron Ceti III which was bombarded by deadly berthold radiation
P is for Pagh, IKS
Q is for Quite the charmer (Kirk, of course)
R is for Red matter
S is for Spock. Who just had a birthday. Happy Birthday Mr Spock, again!
T is for "Target the engines!", an often-heard command.
U is for UPN (The short lived network which erroneously placed "Star Trek Voyager" as its 'flagship' show)
V is for Vorta
W is for Wesley, who takes his lumps
X is for Xon
Y is for the Yridians, legendary traders in goods and information.
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