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I think what else is hurting this industry is that the game reviewers are not credible.

For example, Skyrim. Skyrim, when released, was a broken game, and should never have been released until the problems were fixed. We are now at the end of March. Since the game was released in November, there have been five patches to fix what should have been fixed before release. Game reviewers gave the game high ratings. I think that if this had been a game produced by a less well known name than Bethsaida that the critics would have torn the game apart.

The same goes for Mass Effect 3. The game is riddled with graphical errors, poor interface, and an ending that is terrible. If the game was rated more accurately, it wouldn't be getting the reviews it has received.

I feel that too often that game reviewers, for whatever reason, are far more forgiving of games than they should be. These same reviewers are attacking fans who are expressing their displeasure with the game. Independent and non-gaming industry media are rating the game more accurately and are offering detailed analysis of the game's flaws. This same level of scrutiny is lacking in the gaming industry which all too often rushes to the defense of the game developers and marginalizes the fans.

Frankly, I am getting very frustrated with paying money for a game that is broken. This is even worse with Mass Effect 3 since the game is clearly incomplete, and I will have to pay more money for the DLC which will complete the game..
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