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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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Here's the full blurb.

Oh be still my quaking heart.

Trekbbs tells me what's done is DONE
The Lit forums tell me DON'T be a FOOL
Play the field, read lots of Trek
It's easy when Kirk and Picard and Riker are so cool.

I tell myself, don't settle for chumps
Who cares for them, let them stay away
That's when KingDaniel posts a cover photo and I JUMP
And as I grab my keyboard... I PRAY...

Let it please BE her... Oh dear Beyer
It MUST be her... It MUST be HER...
or I shall die, or I shall die.
Oh Hello, hello, my dear Beyer,
It MUST be her but its not her
And THEN I die, That's WHEN I die.

After awhile, I'm myself again
I take the pieces of Eternal Tide off the floor
Put my heart and Mosaics on the shelf again
Pocket Books won't hurt me anymore.

I'm not a puppet on a string,
I'll find somebody, some fanfic writer someday
That's when sings, and ONCE again
I start to PRAY...

Let it please BE HER, oh dear Pocket Books
It MUST be HER, it MUST be HER
or I shall die, Or I shall die
OH hello, hello, my dear Pocket Books
This one is absolutely wonderful! I love the new lyrics!
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