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I just sent Vic a friend request on Facebook. I'm guessing he'll ignore me. He'll think, "who the heck is this?" ... unless he thinks in more colorful language. Anyway, I'm not hopeful, but on the advice of folk here, I'm trying to contact him directly about these early films.
Eh, he's a guy. Put a hot picture up as your profile photo and you're in.
Sadly, I have never been hot, and I'm bad at both lies and photoshop. Thankfully, I have had a very friendly turtle for 52 years, who doesn't mind spending time with me. He's in it for the cherries. Also, the broccoli and guppies.

If somebody here knows Vic, and can explain to him that I am the self-appointed indexer of Star Trek Fan Filmdom, that would be great. He can think of talking to me like talking to somebody who is doing an encyclopedia entry on him. He wants the entry to be correct, right? I don't think anyone here feels that I have 'stalked' them. I get my information and move on to my next missing data. (Yes, small D. This isn't TNG).
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