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Re: Mass Effect 3

Wow, for someone who complained in the episode that he's soooooo busy with 4 web shows (actually 3, American Bob is more of a personal show that he's not actually PAID to make, and does not have a regular web schedule) that he can't bother to play any ME game, he did a damn good job filling an entire episode with potshots at low hanging fruit. I'll bet you 5 dollars it took him more time to throw his "story" scenes together than all the time he did "research" or writing.

Did he bother to mention that the very company that publishes and funds said games has a documented history of actively interfering and rushing projects before they can even pass alpha stage, which alone casts the defense of "storyteller's rights" into doubt when it's now more clear that Bioware's team was pushed aside by EA to rush the game into production before they could finish? Or how about the fact that key lore elements, and indeed the full content of the Collector's Edition are only available behind an additional pay-wall? Does be address ANYTHING beyond the topics that a 5 minute Google search would have brought up?

No. He's blatantly jumping on the "anti" bandwagon to make himself feel better about being only half-invested in modern gaming other than throwbacks to retro IPs. The reason people think they deserve something more is because they paid for content that EA only later decided to re-charge consumers for. The "ending" is actually the climax of stupid shit ME fans have put up with over three games, but for him to have learned that would take time away from Bob's weekends of bitching at Twitter trolls.

But that would be, oh how do I put this, adult of him?

God dammit Bob, you are capable of much better. It's really sad to watch someone who's earned your respect just out and admit he's bullshitting you.

Kind of like EA. Funny.
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