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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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My friend and I felt it would hinder her from moving very fast.
Walkers stumble and generally move slowly(with exception) so we questioned how she seemingly 'just there'.

We see Andrea struggling on the ground in a fairly open, fairly flat if wooded area and then *slice* the hooded figure is just suddenly there. How exactly did she just appear? Seems Andrea should've seen her at some point in that final stretch before she ends up on her back struggling with the one Walker.
Well remember, Andrea started out at the farm, not too long after sun down, in the middle of a massive horde of zombies, when Michonne caught up with her, it appeared the sun was just coming up, so, she's been fighting for her life every second, all night long, she's gotta be exhausted, and therefore can barely run or stand. michonne on the other hand, is just slowly sauntering along, blending in with the zombies, Andrea may simply have not seen her, or Michonne may have been behind a tree or something
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