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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

I must say that I do quite like the look of it particularly from certain angles. Even more so with shadowing it to give more realistic form and presence.

When I was scaling it I used the TOS Class F design as a benchmark of sorts in terms of scale. In that regard I was trying to get the cabin width to be roughly similar as well as maintain some space between the cabin inner bulkhead and the outer hull for mechanical guts. Now I see that with the bulges on the lower sides I don't need quite as much space as I allowed between hulls and the cabin can be a bit more narrow than the Class F design.

It has to be said that the TAS onscreen version was ridiculously long and narrow, so my version wasn't going to be exactly the same. But I think I can afford to narrow it in the middle section without touching the rest of the design and it will look better, though still not as narrow looking as the TAS version.

Part of it may also be a matter of getting used to it. We'll see.
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