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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

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And as I suggested earlier, I wonder if these equalists will find some way to take away Korra's bending abilities.
Well, apparently

Beyond that, when it comes to taking away benders' abilities permanently, I'd imagine Amon will be content to do that in the crudest and most obvious way: killing them. Once you've settled on violence as a valid method, it tends to remove any interest in developing subtler approaches. Besides, I don't see how anyone other than the Avatar could have the power to take someone's bending away.

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Fair enough. Seeing Korra unable to bend air had me concerned, or at least made me think a little about the situation and possible twists for the story. I guess that's a testament to the show's writing, the richness of the world of Avatar and the show's underlying ideas.
Remember, Aang was unable to earthbend at first, and there was a point where Zuko lost touch with his firebending ability. Korra has a similar mental block when it comes to airbending, that's all. Which is partly for the reason they stated, that her personality is opposite that needed to master airbending. But I wonder if there could be another reason. I can imagine an Avatar being ambivalent about being the reincarnation of someone else; that's got to screw up one's sense of identity and individuality. Maybe Korra's afraid to airbend because she's afraid of losing who she is. Sure, her past lives before Aang included all four abilities, but Aang was her immediate predecessor, the only prior Avatar who was around in any human's living memory, and perhaps the most important Avatar in history, or certainly in recent history. So I can see why Korra might be subconsciously afraid to accept the part of herself that was Aang.

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At first, I thought she was going to befriend that wacky guy in the park and that he'd fill the "Sokka" role.
I was thinking of the Bush Hobo more as a candidate for the Cabbage Vendor role.

But yeah, the core trio is pretty similar -- the Avatar, the Avatar's romantic interest, and the romantic interest's comic-relief brother. Although Mako's personality resembles Zuko more than Katara. (I've seen him described as "Zuko without the angst.")
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