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Re: Casting Confusion

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New to Star Trek. Started the original series this month and am almost finished with the second season. To the best of my knowledge, i am not for sure if this question is answered in the series or it has to do with the actors personally or perfessionally. Ive noticed that certain episodes cast different people for Sulu and Chekhov but have not found a definate pattern in their replacements, meaning their not the same replacements every time. Uhura and Scotty are the only co-stars ive seen to be in every episode. Long question short, why is this?
You can find the list of episodes that each of the major characters *doesn't* appear in at this web pabe:

I think having different people at these stations from time to time makes sense. When I go to the grocery store, it's not always the same cashier every single day, day or night, working at the same cash register 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Yea, it's good to see the familiar faces most of the time, but, it's nice to see proof that the crew is bigger than just the familiar faces, and it would be totally unrealistic to always see them, never having time off for sleep, eating, recreation, etc.
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