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39 words and long? Oh you non-German-speaking run-on sentence virgins.
Again, "run-on sentence" does not mean "long sentence." As Wikipedia puts it, "A run-on sentence is a sentence in which two or more independent clauses (i.e., complete sentences) are joined without appropriate punctuation or conjunction." For instance, this is a run-on sentence:
  • It's cold in here, I should put on shoes.

This is not:
  • It is cold inside my apartment this morning due to the unseasonal lows we had overnight and the outdated temperature controls in my apartment building; therefore, my feet are chilly right now, and I would probably be more comfortable if I put on a pair of shoes.

The former is a run-on because the two clauses are improperly connected. It could be fixed in any of the following ways:
  • It's cold in here. I should put on shoes.
  • It's cold in here; I should put on shoes.
  • It's cold in here, so I should put on shoes.

The latter is a rambling and needlessly long sentence, but it isn't a run-on, because the independent clauses have conjunctions or correct punctuation connecting them.

Now pardon me while I put on my shoes. It really is pretty dang chilly in here.
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