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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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With Michonne's Zombie belt having their arms removed (and, I didn't notice, but, another poster pointed out the jaws were removed as well), the idea is not much different from Ricks idea of smearing Zombie guts all over their bodies
Agreed. Her method just happens to be a bit more efficient seeing as how Rick's idea went POOF! once the rain came down.
You guys lost me. So Michonne had actual zombies in tow or just body parts? I missed that on the final scene if so.
I can't host pictures, but, if you google images, for "walking dead michonne zombies", the first picture that comes up, is what you're looking for.

@wissaboo maybe you should watch reruns, and give yourself nightmares, that'll be like having new episodes that no one else gets to see
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