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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

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- I haven't warmed up to these characters as quickly as I did with The Last Airbender. I like Korra and Tenzin, I'm just not completely onboard yet with the guys on the probending team.
I'm having much the same reaction so far. Hopefully this show will accumulate a rich supporting cast like the original did.

- Those other monks in the temple couldn't have been air benders. Bending is hereditary, so Tenzin and his kids should be the only air benders, unless Katara had other kids with bending capabilities.
According to the Avatar Wiki, Aang and Katara's first two children -- named Kya (for Katara's mother) and Bumi -- were non-benders. So Tenzin is the only living adult airbender, though all three of his children so far are also airbenders. Korra did say in chapter 1 that Tenzin was the only airbending master in the world.

I'm surprised that it worked out that way, though. I figured that if Aang's spirit-bending could let him take away someone's bending ability, it could also let him imbue someone with bending ability. So I figured he could've created hundreds of airbenders that way, instead of having to repopulate the line the old-fashioned way. I guess that's not the way it works, though, and I wonder why.

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^ I was asking "What if an avatar couldn't bend one of the elements?", not "What if they couldn't bend any of the elements?" In other words... What if we discovered that Korra could never bend air? What if she could only bend three out of the four elements? It was just a thought.
The very idea is a contradiction in terms. The Avatar is the nexus of spiritual balance in the world. Fire is balanced by water, earth is balanced by air. Remove any one of those elements and the balance is lost -- just as the balance of the world was lost when Fire Lord Sozin wiped out the Air Nomads. Not to mention that every Avatar contains the same soul as every previous Avatar. Spiritually, Korra is not just Korra, she's also Aang and Roku and Kyoshi and Kuruk and Yangchen and so on all the way back to the beginning. So she has the soul of an airbender just as much as she has the soul of a waterbender, earthbender, and firebender. It's impossible to separate one of those threads out of who she is. Her current personality or genetics may make it difficult for her to access that part of her spirit, but it's definitely within her.
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