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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Pepsi is Tos, Temis, but Defyance sounds ultra cool. I could just picture an old fashioned sheriff who is way out of his league trying to deal with advanced aliens and the like and their conflicts, etc. I thought Defyance was the RHW project with their ship being called the Defender and all, it would have been a perfect title, but this show sounds just as good if not better and takes place on like an asteroid town with a wierd mix of aliens and Humans almost like a Star Wars pastiche. Very cool IMO.

I don't even see how Revolution is the right title for his TZ spin off cerebral non reality show where nothing works because it is all one mass hypnotic illusion like the tv itself. They're still working out the spin like lost. Now he's lost in space. Talk about being out of your league. If he's smart he'll bring in Braga. But he's just clever is all and nepotistic.
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