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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Somehow I doubt it... Al Rivera is totally against the Ambassador. The only argument of his for the ship is to complete the Enterprise lineage. But so far he can't bring himself to let it in game, and then he won't make it anything higher then T3.

But a new series of endgame ships will be interesting and add a much needed variety to sector space which is totally dominated by the Odyssey atm.
I fully expect every single one of these ships to come as bundles similar to the Odyssey.

I also hope we get T5 refits of some much asked for fan favorites like the Sovereign and Akira.

In other news, Cryptic has introduced some bug fixes and changes with teh latest Tribble patch.

-Certain STF bosses have been stripped of their 1 shot kills by reducing their base damage and removal of crit ability.
-Theta Vent Radiation debuffs no longer stack if you get cought in the theta cloud.
-Also Hazard Emitter continues to clear debuffs for the duration of the power instead of just at initial activation. (This is an indirect much needed nerf to warp plasma).
-Shield Distribution Officers have been reduced in effectiveness slightly

The most controversial change concerns the shield capacity generator. Since it now stacks for some time they reduced it's effectiveness considerably. It adds only 18% capacity but can still be stacked.
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