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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Whereas the Fed side is just boring and not worth the effort. Nice graphics, and attempt to reuse the suits, but for how much they cry about not having art resources, people to program, whatever, seems like a lot went into something that really wasn't worth the effort...
I don't know about the art side but I'm a software developer who's tried to create my own game in the past. From what I have seen in game, I can tell that they're either seriously lacking in software devs or their software devs are being tied up elsewhere.

If you noticed, the dilithium mining game was largely the anomaly frequency scanning game with a different set of graphics and slightly different code. The rest of the event can be cobbled together with existing components. In fact, I can bet good money that the time it took to plan and coordinate the creation of this dilithium mining event probably took longer than the actual coding time.
Actually I hope that you are right. I would hate to think that they spent serious development time on the mini-game.

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