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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Altair VI, which was just putting itself back together after a long interplanetary war in 2267.
B is for Bolians. Best barbers in the Alpha Quadrant. Which is strange. Considering they don't have hair.
C is for Caeliar
D is for Donatra, Commander of the Romulan fleet that rebelled against Praetor Shinzon's regime in 2379.
E is for Enolian Prison Transport, part of Archer's General Alpha Quadrant Prison Tour.
F is for Fabrini
G is for Garrovick. Captain Garrovick of the U.S.S. Farragut from 2254 through 2257.
H is for Hanock. Sargon's foil.
I is for Indiana, where Janeway was from.
J is for Jaris, the prefect of Argelius II.
K is for Kilometer, a unit of measure that wasn't used consistently
L is for Locutus
M is for Morn. I want his mudbath. And the accompanying female attendants.
N is for Nyota...Uhura's rarely heard and little known first name.
O is for Omari-Ekon
P is for Penda, Uhura's 1970's supposed, but never canonized name.
Q is for the Qualor II depot, which played a part in Neral and Sela's failed plot for a Romulan invasion of Vulcan in 2368.
R is for Ravanar
S is for Selar. Paging Dr. Selar. (Sorry, wrong show)
T is for Talas
U is for Underbelly, seedy... of the Federation. Which was sometimes show quite clearly on DS9.
V is for Valiant. USS Valiant. The last Federation starship to make contact with planet Eminiar VII prior to the year 2267.
W is for Wessels, nuclear.
X is for Xavier. Another character, in another franchise, Patrick Stewart portray.
Z is for Zefram Cochrane. Discoverer of the space warp (for humans anyway).
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