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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

Shit has hit the fan.. and i love it!

This is just brilliant.. it couldn't happen any other way in this TV show (or any other fictional story). Castle tried to do the real life thing by asking her out on a proper date but the two biggest cockblockers of all time prevented that (and i was so close to yelling at Ryan to GTFO! ).

So Castle is pissed.. and i was a bit scared because Fillion does a great pissed off look. This was Malcolm Reynolds in war mode all over again only that it was double fearsome because Castle is not a violent or resentful man. I've only seen him this angry on Castle when he was fighting to save Beckett.. against Hal Lockwood when he trained a gun on Beckett during a shootout and was a moment away from killing her or against that stalker killer who wanted to match wits against Nikki Heat.
Castle has every right to be angry.. i think it's understandable that Beckett can't come clean immediately after being shot and during recovery.. she states her case and side of things pretty well in the season 4 opener but nearly a year has passed and there were ample opportunities to come clean.. one way or the other (and we, the viewers, know she loves him too so she wouldn't turn down his feelings) so when Castle learns she's been lying to him the whole time he snaps. He's angry, hurt and feels betrayed by one of the most important people in his life and you can't get over that anytime soon, especially not in such a short time frame.

So i'm happy and giddy as hell.. finally there's the payoff every Caskett fan is dreaming of. Being realistic and knowledgeable in the ways of TV stories we know it will end well (and if dug a bit deeper and seen interviews and some recent Castle panels know this for a fact because the cast, especially Stana, can barely contain their glee themselves at the developments ).
I'm happy they chose to let this develop while still in season 4 with some episodes to spare until the finale.. it could have been a season finale cliffhanger but i guess the real finale will be even bigger.. remember that Castle harbors an equally large, if not larger, secret of his own which gives him a pretty weak leg to stand on in regards to keeping secrets and lying to each other.
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