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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

I've not commented all thread, but I've definitely been enjoying this season.

But... I'm not really sure how I feel about 47 Seconds. Crime plot, Occupy pastiche, whatever. That stuff is never what makes this show good (though it was well done, and I was glad to see Captain Gates get a larger role). I'm going to have to trust the Castle writers to move on with the Beckett/Castle plot pretty quickly because... I was really frustrated for the last half hour. I mean, I get why he was upset, and he has the right to be upset, and it was well-executed, but... blech. I'm soooo tired of will they/won't they.

Did Castle have to jump to the worst possible conclusion, not ask her about it or confront her? Sure, of course he did, that's how he'd react, people get emotional and jump to conclusions when they're feeling scorned... but godsdammit Castle, she was recovering from being shot when she told you that. Also... Castle, you're a genre-savvy writer who makes a habit of studying people, are you seriously telling me you're reading Beckett's reactions to you this season as somebody that's embarrassed of you? Gah!

I'm sure once the plot does actually advance things will be fine and like Sci I'm glad they're finally moving on it, but right now it's just frustrating. Which is weird, because one of my favorite TV romances is Chrichton and Aeryn, and Beckett and Castle have nothing on their craziness.
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