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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

I'm not at all surprised with Rick's reaction to the lie...since he has harboured this concern about Kate's feelings towards him for a long time now, instead of thinking of more rationale reasons. Remember he was there for her all that time during her stay in the hospital, and he stayed away when she wanted him to. Normal reaction for something like that in my estimation. Basically he was hurt. Pretty much how I expected him to react. Rick thinks of himself as nothing more than a writer, and admires and respects Kate as a cop and has put her on a pedestal of sorts , and was reacting as such. Kate obviously does not feel like that towards Castle, and has come to respect and admire him equally (one assumes) and her feelings have obviously grown. This is just step one towards Caskett as I said it would be and a way to have a little bit of drama between them still. Will be interesting to see Kate's reaction when she figures it out. From the looks of next week's episode...this is going to continue and Castle is going to do the "moving on by making her jealous" plot device. Sigh. LOL

The episode overall was pretty enjoyable. I think we're going to be in for a great final few episodes of the season.
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