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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

I really enjoyed "47 Seconds." I'm pissed at Castle for jumping to the worst possible conclusions about Becket's reasons for lying to him, though--I mean, the woman was shot, and and apparently by someone related to the people who murdered her mother. She has issues. I understand being angry with her--she's not treating Castle well by hiding this from him--but he shouldn't have assumed that it's because she's embarrassed by him or considers his feelings a joke or the other nonsense he assumed.

I thought the depiction of the Occupy Wall Street was a bit oblivious. It wasn't negative, per se, but it was definitely unsophisticated. Even the name--"Occupy Wall Street" is a pun on the idea of just occupying physical space vs. a military occupation. "Take Over Wall Street" is far more aggressive. And the costumes were just silly, and so were its descriptions of what the protestors were upset about. But, by the same token, it depicted the protestors as mostly decent human beings, and the people against the protestors as assholes. So I'll take it.

Overall, I'm glad they're finally moving on Casket instead of having Castle and Becket stuck in this never-ending limbo.
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