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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

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- From the opening credits, it looked like Republic City was in the Earth nation.
Technically it's not in the earth kingdom, it's on former earth kingdom territory, the entire United Republic is, where else could it be? It was created out of the former Fire Nation colonies, the colonies obviously can't be in the Fire Nation, the poles aren't exactly attractive spots to create colonies and we know the air temples weren't turned into fire nation colonies.

- Wouldn't it be something if we got an avatar who couldn't bend one of the elements at all? I was thinking of that as I watched.
What? Maybe you should think about this a little bit more, because it's absolutely impossible. The avatar is defined by his ability to bend all four elements, if he can't bend any he's a non-bender. Do you have any other ideas, like an earth bender who bends fire instead of earth?
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