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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

Finally saw both episodes. It's great to have the world of Avatar back. When The Last Airbender ended, it felt like a real goodbye. I had to face the possibility that that was it, but here we are again. Another full series. So far so good, and it looks like they've captured lightning in a bottle a second time. They've introduced us to an updated world and they've really upped the stakes with the central conflict. The idea of a villain who wants to rid the world of bending certainly has my attention and I can't wait to see where this goes. I fear for Korra in the same way that I'd fear for Superman and gold kryptonite.

A few more thoughts...

- I haven't warmed up to these characters as quickly as I did with The Last Airbender. I like Korra and Tenzin, I'm just not completely onboard yet with the guys on the probending team.

- Looks like the team will be central to the show. I'm not super thrilled about that either, but I'm willing to see it through.

- I agree that it's odd to have most of the original characters dead, given that it's only been about 70 years. Maybe they died heroically.

- Loved the reference to Zuko's mother. Looks like they're dancing around that the way Babylon 5 did with the telepath war.

- The Dalai Lama is named "Tenzin". Good nod.

- From the opening credits, it looked like Republic City was in the Earth nation.

- Those other monks in the temple couldn't have been air benders. Bending is hereditary, so Tenzin and his kids should be the only air benders, unless Katara had other kids with bending capabilities.

- Wouldn't it be something if we got an avatar who couldn't bend one of the elements at all? I was thinking of that as I watched.

- I liked the music and visuals for the closing credits.

- The old show had a lot of heart and so does this one.
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