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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Dragon's Teeth: Interesting aliens-of-the-week, an engaging story, and good performances by everyone. Janeway's line at the end about seeing them again bugged the hell out of me though because it's obvious that Voyager will never encounter them again. They'll forget everything that happened in this episode by next week.
I was in a lousy state of mind watching this (still really am) episode, so it was really hard for me to enjoy it, but being as objective as possible I think that Dragon's Teeth is very good. If I was happier I am sure I would have enjoyed it much more.
I think they meant to bring them back if Voyagers ratings had been as high as Paramount wanted them to be but because they weren't, I assume they freaked and used the Borg much more instead. they were already proven to grab an audience due to their numbers based on Scorpion and "First Contact", so they fell back on an old stand by instead of taking that risk on something new. I guess when the budget is at stake, a risk is too risky.

I think going back over the show, when you get to great eps. like this that are incredibly open ended to a fault, it just shows that the troubles behind the camera were starting to affect what was going on in front of it and that's not good.
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