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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Just a brief update:

1) Bill Walker and Bob Reed are working on VFX for "Miscommunication" and "Engineer's New Clothes" at this time. Chris Cameron will also be contributing VFX to "New Clothes." Alex Patrick Merrill is working on the VFX for "Archway." Both Alex and Chris are newcomers to our VFX team!

2) Mario Pagan has finished a good edit on "The Devil in the Details." VFX will be assigned shortly.

3) Rick Foxx is hard at work on editing "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky." An extensive list has been prepared detailing the needed VFX and SFX for the episode, along with the pick-ups we'll be scheduling for May and June.

4) Randy Landers and Bill MacKenzie are working on the editing for "Duty Bound." Randy is also working on the editing of "Darkness."

5) David Eversole and Randy Landers are working on the third draft of "Second Contact," the third vignette to be shot this season. We're still working on a few more scripts. Our plan is to concentrate on vignettes this summer, and possibly one episode. We're looking for locations for that episode.

6) Lastly, we're working on a couple of shots involving a camera mounted on a helicopter. We're excited about the prospect!
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