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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

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If you can save the model in .3ds, .obj, .lwo or .DXF format then I can knock out some renders and animations for you. What package are you using for this?
I'm currently using Sketchup (the latest free version) and so to export in the formats you mention I'd need to upgrade to Sketchup Pro or perhaps start all over again with another program such as Blender. Still, even as is I should be able to make my own renders with a 2nd party program (I've installed one called Maxwell) and that should allow me to do some photomanips for some Never seen TOS scenes.

Some preliminary mirroring trials.

I must say there is one thing I'm not happy with yet there's nothing I can really do about it at this point, simply because it would involve changing too many things. I think the main hull is too wide. It should be about ten percent more narrow and the upper section (the forward part being the main viewport) should be angled in a bit more on the sides. It's a nitpick at this point but there it is. One day I'll come back to this design and remake it and then I can fix what I don't like, but for now I'm going to follow it through the rest of the way.
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