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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

I realize the show wasn't necessarily trying to help people in survival situations but there's a couple of points that Jamie makes on the stagnate water part that struck me as wrong.

First he says you can't drink it. While to it's core this is true yo can still collect it, boil it, and then drink it.

He also suggests during his discussion of water than you can't drink seawater because it'd make you thirstier (presumably because the salt in seawater will dry out your body/make you thirstier.) Seawater is actually -for want of a better term- poisonous! Drinking it doesn't make you thirstier because of the salt it actually is salty it screws up your entire body chemistry with the salt and you die from your body no longer "working correctly" long before you'd die of dehydration.

EDIT: (I'm watching it on DVR right now)

Ah! Neat, I see Jamie made a solar still from the duck tape. Nifty!
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