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LOL! These are fantastic!

I am trying to get the exact year this was done for my Historic Fan Film section. If he's 54, this HAS to be the late 1960s, which means I REALLY NEED A DATE ON THESE. PLEASE!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!
IMDB says that he was born August 27, 1962, which would make him 49. These films were likely shot in the early/mid 70's.
But it claims, above, that he is 54... which would make these earlier... I NEED A REAL ACTUAL YEAR. Here is my "Historic Star Trek Fan Film" page, and these clearly belong: . All the films already listed have at least a year or a two year span. As you can clearly see, the earliest film I found is, like these, in 8mm WITH NO SOUND. Of course, my folks NEVER got a sound camera, but if these films were taken before Super8 got popular, these could easily pre-date Ray Gasser's work, perhaps even challenge Jr. Star Trek,... perhaps even 8mm Star Trek ... for the title of VERY FIRST STAR TREK FAN FILM EVER. At any event, for purposes of my Historic listing, I want more than a guess.
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