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Re: A radical idea for a Trek reboot

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Chief Comm. Officer - Lt. Commander Deanna Troi (Betazoid/Human)
Heh, I always thought that would be a more effective role for a TNG Troi, too: Instead of having her just sat there to one side of the captain muttering obvious analyses of badguy-of-the-week and "sensing tremendous pain/anger/whatever", give her a proper console to work from and have those telepathic skills be put to use to assist in facilitating communications with alien lifeforms.

Coulda kept the tight blue sciences uniform on throughout the entire series, too...

On a related note, when I was (much) younger I wanted to do something similar to this - putting Picard and co. on a ship a few years down the line after The Undiscovered Country, making Worf the Colonel's son, maybe... This was all justified of course by the fact that I absolutely loved the USS Excelsior when it was shown in that film... My other thought was to have them on the Enterprise-C instead. Again, mostly justified because I loved that particular ship; interiors and all.
For those determined to contort yourselves into knots so as to include every minor production flub as gospel, and shoehorn it into "cannnonnnnn": STOP. I don't have all day to waste on here; I quite like enjoying real life thankyouverymuch.
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