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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Bet Mulgrew loved the fact that Janeway FINALLY is the woman and Jeri the man in one of these Jolene vids.
Yes though the "man" is quite passive in that tale with the Borg Queen and Janeway fighting over the top of him, LOLOL

I loved the Masque vid, just perfect! I like when people don't feel they have to do the whole song, sometimes stuff goes on a bit long and loses its oomph.
Or, they lose their oomph because they keep repeating their same clips over and over when the refrain hits.

I love 0:39... she's just so resolute.

Notice that she KNOWS Harry has died on the other ship? Kes knew that the baby died... but did she know about Harry before she was sucked onto the other ship?

Another reason I liked Voyager. Janeway didn't need her 1st officer's OR her Chief Engineer's permission to blow up the ship!

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