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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Getting back to the point of the thread (there was a point around here somewhere, I seem to vaguely recall...)

Bella's dad from Twilight (but don't hate him right away!) gets lead in Revolution.

Burke was originally cast three weeks ago in the supporting role of Bass, a charismatic Marine. Meanwhile, the extensive search for an actor to play the lead, Miles, an amazingly resourceful man with dark and dangerous side, continued even after the pilot went into production last week. Then over the weekend, the producers decided to get Burke to play Miles.
EDIT: Burke's vacated role as a Marine goes to that guy from The Cape.

The only thing I remember about that guy is that I can't remember anything about that guy. Not a good sign. Maybe the zombies will eat him early on. There will be zombies, right?

And as an ironic footnote to our naming debate, looks like Revolution's name has been rescinded, and it's back to being untitled. Has JJ Abrams lost faith in his show so soon?

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