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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

And the old question, Abby goes away who pays the bills at her house, her foster son? That's right, everyone on the show comes from money and they can do whatever. The teens don't even go to school anymore. Alaric's loft, who's paying the rent...what does he do anymore besides die and murder people?
Time for me to chime in. I actually live about an hour or a little more from the part of Virginia where this show is set. All the people are beautiful, come from money, etc., etc., etc. The truth (and I say this only somewhat tongue in cheek), is that that part of Virginia is populated by a lotta toothless yahoos who are far more likely to be angry (racist) villagers with torches who live in trailers than the sort of people this show portrays.
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