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Re: How big is Starfleet in men and ships?

The Best of Both Worlds is also a very poor way to judge the size and strength of Starfleet given that the 40 (could be more as there was time after Hanson stated the strength of the fleet for others to join it) ships were the number that could manage to mobilize for a joint effort against a threat approaching faster than any Federation ships could manage (the Enterprise could only keep pace with the Borg cube for a couple of hours).

Given that not a single starship was shown anywhere in the Sol system when the Borg ship entered it, I would surmise that the Wolf-359 force was the force that normally protects the Sol system plus whatever else was close at hand.

One question I've always had is why the Borg even bothered to drop out of warp and fight at Wolf-359 anyway.

Why not just blow by them at Warp 9.6 and keep going?
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