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Jeyl's Suggestions....

1. Bring back titles. Don't simply call it Dragon Age III.

2. Dragon Age Origins story progression. I liked how Dragon Age Origins allowed you to venture to any point you wanted to go and didn't lock you out once you've gotten past a certain point (Well, except for that one town).

3. Combat. While the combat in DAII was ok, the amount of re-spawns I felt broke the immersion. I think we should have a set amount of units with a little higher HP to make our other attacks more important to the strategy.

4. DON'T ABANDON ROMANCING ALL LOVE INTERESTS! I know it's a cheap gimmick, but I love the idea of romancing the love interest characters no matter what the gender of the player character is. It was one of the few elements that offered cool replay value to the game, and it wasn't handled in a "Everyone is bisexual" way (i.e. Anders rescuing his friend (female Hawke) or lover (Male Hawke).

5. Endings, endings, mother frelling endings. The endings to Dragon Age Origins were perfect, diverse and critical. Happy ending, sad ending, uncertain ending, the works.

6. Hawke Companion. This is just me, but have your PC Hawke as a companion who's behavior is dependent on how you handled him/her in DAII. I've never seen anything like that before and I think it would be pretty cool to be able to semi-create a companion who could be any kind of character you'd want to venture out with. Even with the limited choices in DAII, there's still a lot that Hawke did in that game that can greatly affect how the character interacts with the world.

More to come...
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