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Re: How big is Starfleet in men and ships?

there is a trade off in use of resources, if only in manufacturing time for large items like starships.
This in no way explains why Starfleet would fail to respond to an ongoing peacetime crisis, unless we subsequently assume Starfleet is equally at failure to respond to war.

Not true, look up the eps in question and they are quite explicit. Kirk's mission was to go beyond the galactic rim in WNM, in BAON they explicitly went beyond the galactic rim (something they would do again in Beyond the Farthest Star. In ITIT again explicit mention is made of them being beyond the galactic rim.
And? That's what I said, too. Nothing there about the distance.

Nope, sorry. Again you're substituting what you WANT for canon fact.
Bullshit. None of your argumentation differs in any way - you decide that a certain phrase means X, I decide it looks better meaning Y, but it's us talking where the writers wisely left things unsaid.

None of which in any way argues for a "small" Starfleet. In fact, you're reinforcing my point that just to maintain a minimal presence in a fraction of all that requires a LOT of ships, as I demonstrated.
But there is no minimal presence - there's only absence, which drives the Star Trek plots.

Explored space is not patrolled. Systems are not defended. The enemy can intrude virtually unchallenged to Vulcan ("Unification") or the Moon of Earth ("Descent"), or traverse through the UFP or its regions of interest in decisive strength unobserved ("Way of the Warrior" or "Improbable Cause").

The obvious argument for why that is dovetails to yours: the ability to control a region of space that vast is so far beyond the means of the UFP that they don't even try. But we are still missing the actual reason for them failing to attempt even a partial remedy - or any proof that this reason would be tied to whether there is war or peace.

Witness what happened when the Defiant lost it's computers to Eddington's virus and they had to go back to the more manpower-intensive way of doing it.
...And did it without bringing any extra personnel abroad. Or are you deciding they did? You're allowed to do that, you know. It's just not part of direct canon evidence.

Speculation. It's still simple fact that civilian ships would not need massive amounts of military specialists, and neither would Starfleet in peacetime.
Your facts are worth nothing special, though. It's an equally simple fact that military ships would need massive amounts of civilian specialists in order to perform civilian duties, which means Starfleet would need them in peacetime. Equal facts there; only the observed onscreen illusion holds decisive power over them.

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