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Re: "Because you needed each other" The Kirk Spock ALL GUSHING Love Th

Miss Lemon wrote: View Post
Actually, I prefer my Quinto shabby and my Chris chic.
Well here's some adorable unchic Chris..

And you know what I'm hoping to see in ST:XII?

TOUSLED SPOCK. Tousled, shabby Spock I just want to see him having to leave Uhura's quarter's in a hurry because of some emergency.

CaptainMatt wrote: View Post
Congratulations to you all for your secret reservoir of Kirk-Spock vids and images that surely set the standard for why we love these guys so much. They don't have to be slash to enjoy and I thank you for that.
I'm glad you like them! I think they are slashy just standing next to each other but what do I know, LOL. They really go well together, great chemistry straight out of TOS.

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