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VAN: Summon the Thunder by Ward & Dilmore Review Thread (Spoilers!)

With the kind permission of Sho, apologies for the rather large image but I don't know how to make it smaller, I'm putting up the third installment in the "retro review thread" and the second novel in the Star Trek: Vanguard series, Summon the Thunder by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.

Summon the Thunder was released in 2006 and continues on the story from Harbinger and sees the USS Lovell and its team of Starfleet Corps of Engineers (re)introduced into the series. The Lovell and her crew had previously been introduced in the SCE novel, Foundations, working with "Scotty" on several occasions, as well as Where Time Stands Still and Distant Early Warning.

Here is the official blurb from the Simon and Schuster website:

The Taurus Reach: a remote interstellar expanse that holds a very old and potentially cataclysmic secret, the truth of which is feared by the Tholians, coveted by the Klingons, and dubiously guarded by the Federation. At the center of this intrigue is Vanguard, a Federation starbase populated by an eclectic mix of Starfleet officers and civilians, whose lives are forever altered as they explore the layers of mystery surrounding the Reach and steadily peel them after another.
In the aftermath of Harbinger, Commodore Diego Reyes commands Vanguard while waging an intensely personal struggle, tasked to uncover the true significance of the Taurus Reach while simultaneously concealing that mission from his fellow officers -- and even his closest friends. As the Daedalus-class U.S.S. Lovell brings some of Starfleet's keenest technical minds to help, the U.S.S. Endeavour makes a find that could shed further light on the enigmatic meta-genome that has captured the Federation's interest -- if its crew survives the discovery....
Deep within the Taurus Reach, an ancient and powerful alien mind has awakened prematurely from aeons of hibernation, alerted to the upstart civilizations now daring to encroach upon the worlds in her care. With the stakes for all sides escalating rapidly, the alien lashes out with deadly force against the interlopers, propelling the Vanguard crew on a desperate race to understand the nature of the attacker, and to prevent the Taurus Reach from becoming a war zone.
You can also read an excerpt here:

Finally, a note about spoiler policy: This review thread is for a book that, at the time of posting, is several years old and which has several sequels. While discussing the book's events and merits in hindsight of those sequels is expected to be part of the appeal of the thread, please be mindful of readers who are reading the series for the first time (such as myself ). Refer to facts from later installments obliquely if you can, and consider to surround critical information with spoiler tags. But don't strain yourself too much all the same - beware ye who enter here, of possible spoilers!
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