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While the cast is interesting, I'm more interested in seeing who'll be contributing scripts and who'll be overseeing their creation. As I stated in this post in the Fan Film Writer's Primer, a good Story Editor can make all the difference in the world.

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It'll be good to see more Trek - but, man, a 54 year old playing the TOS 34 year old Kirk? That's kinda pushing it...
The key will be in the performance. After all, audiences are willing to believe a 40-something year old James Cawley as Kirk and were willing to believe Shatner, who was pushing 40 during TOS, as the 34-year-old starship commander.

I'm more interested in how the role is played by any actor, even Shatner, than how old that actor is. Moreover, I'm more interested in an actor who isn't Shatner and playing Kirk that he doesn't merely imitate Shatner, much like Chris Pine's excellent approach to the character in ST 09.

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