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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

Well, "Duct Tape Island Survival" (the full name of the "myth") was pretty silly. It wasn't even a proper myth per se, except as a further extension of the general "duct tape can do anything" myth, which I think has been thoroughly run into the ground by now. And it was so fake and stagey -- pretending that Adam and Jamie had to search for water (I'm sure the camera crew had plenty of water bottles available for them), that Adam "just happened" to stumble upon a fresh water source, etc. Of course they were constantly winking to the camera about how fake the situation was, but that didn't make it much better. This show is supposed to be about exposing the truth behind the pretense, not engaging in pretense of its own.

And how come the Junior Mythbusters were nowhere to be seen? Usually when they do a single episode-long myth, it's with the full combined team.

I think if they were going to do a desert-island show in the spirit of Mythbusters, they should've done something like testing the Professor's bamboo-and-coconut inventions from Gilligan's Island. Especially if it meant we got to see Kari cosplaying as Mary Ann, or Jamie whacking Gillig-Adam upside the head with his beret.

Unchained Reaction is a little silly too. It's just about building Rube Goldberg machines? I guess that's kind of cute, but utterly frivolous. I know the Discovery Channel has drifted far away from its origins as an educational channel, but at least Mythbusters still manages to teach some science and critical thinking most of the time. Here, the aerospace team had some nice physics, chemistry, and engineering going on, but little of it was explained to the audience. It wasn't used as a teaching opportunity, it was just "hey, look at the cool gadgets and fireballs."
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