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Re: Star Trek: Republic

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Okay, I'm fully caught up now. This reads much like a Horatio Hornblower tale, lots of action, bravado and sheer bloody-mindedness. All in all, a very fun read!

As much as I like Dahlgren and his efforts to instill morale in Republic's crew, I take issue with how he treated Captain Myers in a very public setting. Everything Dahlgren said was technically correct and I agree that Myers did not show proper respect and basically insulted Republic and her crew. All of that would have been avoided had the conversation taken place in private, per Myers' request.

I get that Dahlgren wanted to make a point to (and apparently an example of) Captain Myers. But Dahlgren has done to Myers what others have done to Republic. He has publicly ridiculed a starship captain in front of his own bridge crew and the entire complement of Republic. Then he in effect threatened him with murder. A duel? Wow. (Although I kind of like the idea. )

If this is the Starfleet with which I'm familiar, there will be serious repercussions.

Okay, I got that out of my system. It's a great story and I am thoroughly enjoying it. But I wish you would go ahead and cut off Dahlgren's leg and strap on a wooden peg for the full effect. And instead of the sword, how 'bout a cutlass?

The man is a bad-ass, no doubt.
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I kinda have to agree with Myers in the last segment, that's an awfully big promise to make. I agree with it, of course but what if Command, the Council or even the president overrule Dahlgren? That would make a liar out of him.

TLR makes a good point, too. That conversation should have been had in private but I think the other captain should have shown more restraint when he knew he was on an open channel. He was definitely out of line. The crew reaction to Dahlgren's response was brilliant though.
Yes, those are both good points, and I may have to clean up the conversation a little bit. Matt knew (through Samantha Carmichael and the intra-ship gossip grapevine) just how Myers felt about being subordinated to Matt and (especially) Republic. He didn't want to discuss the matter privately until after they dealth with Typhias, and he actually hoped that Myers would have the sense to dial it back on a live broadcast. He didn't know Chan piped it through the entire ship, however!

We see a lot of officers similar to Myers in Star Trek: Styles (ST III: The Search for Spock), all those Commodores who tried to take command of Enterprise in TOS, some of the Captains in TNG and DS9 as well. I asked, how would Styles have reacted finding out that he was junior to an officer commanding the 'disgraced' Republic?

And you are right, there will be complications later on because of Matt's own words; he can't be given just a slap on the wrist for threatening to challenge another Star Fleet Captain to a duel. Especially if Ambassador Mar has anything to say about it.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions; I do read them all.

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