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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Many moons ago, I donated a whopping $25 for a "Making of..." DVD. But I have no reason to complain about the film not being finished yet. Maybe it'll be finished one day, and maybe it won't... I knew very well that I was donating to assist a volunteer/fan effort. Bitching about it seems silly.

But I did email to update my mailing address. If the DVDs are ever sent out, I hope someone sees my email and sends to the right place. If not, I'll probably just donate again. I don't envy the person responsible for getting these DVDs off to the correct addresses. I've moved twice since donating, and will likely have moved at least once more before the film is finished. I actually sent them my parents' address this time, as it is less likely to change in the next few years.
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