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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Why does an entire film get precedent over a final act that people have been waiting ***years*** to see??
I've gotten tired of explaining this, so it'll be the last time.

Exeter is a side project for me. I've worked on it between other commitments (Polaris, the music videos I do for the Kinsey Sicks, etc). Act Four wasn't working as edited (due to material from Act Four being used in Act Three, thus borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul), so I started over and decided to cut it from scratch. When it's done I'll explain in detail the challenges of doing this and why it was difficult, but to say so now would give away climactic plot points.

Thanks Maurice. While this may be your last time explaining it, it was my first time hearing it, so it was good to get that bit of info.

I've long since stopped looking for updates on Exeter and Polaris because a watched pot never boils. It'll be here when it get's here.

Good luck to all of you working on this stuff and more importantly.....

Thank you
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