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All about T'Pol

In my opinion she is the first Vulcan in Star Fleet, she was serving on a Star Fleet Ship 80+years before Spock, she is a 22nd century Vulcan, and she nails it. With Spock he is male and I'm sure there are some gender specific issues they have to deal with. That not withstanding T'Pol in my opinion totally nails what a female 22nd Female Vulcan would be like, her emotions are not all well hidden, although she is Vulcan, she is also like not quite the Vulcans we saw in subsequent Shows and Films.

I did like Kristi Alley as Saavik, same with Robin Curtiss. The one female Vulcan I could not stand was Valeris, she was terrible, thank God she was only in one Movie and that was one too many.
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