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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Almost there. Some small details and then I can think of texturing, painting and rendering.

I did reams of sketches when trying to adapt the TAS design into something more credible to fit within the TOS "reality." And while I liked how the schematics came out I did wonder how they might translate into 3D. Drawings sketches and an actual model with precise dimensions and accurate perspective and shadowing aren't the same thing. I'm gratified that it seems to be working out. The only serious change I had to make from the schematics were to soften the edges a bit more by increasing the radius on those edges. Otherwise the design looked a bit too boxy for my liking whereas now it looks somewhat less simplistic and toy like. And while the design is apparently stubbier and sports some curvature that departs from the TAS image when seen at certain angles with forced perspective I think it does evoke the original design. The TAS depiction of the Enterprise was a stylized and simpler version of the ship as seen on TOS. So I guess it works that you can reverse that approach to render a more credible version of a simple TAS design.

Before I mirror this I'm going to fashion something of a rudimentary interior. It will not only give an idea of what I have in mind in terms of the interior layout, but also make the model look a little more complete given that something can be seen through the darkened viewport albeit barely.

I've also got to do some more reading and tutorial videos before I proceed with painting and rendering. I'd also love to know if I could do some animations with this as well as Photshop images.
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