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Re: The Hunger Games: Grade, Review, Discuss, Sequel news **SPOILERS**

I've seen it twice now and grade the film a high B/B+

They did a really good job of adapting the book into the screenplay and then putting that on film really well.

I'm having trouble grading it just as a movie vs grading it as an adaption. My mind keeps going to things, sometimes small, that they didn't include and ways the narration was different. Haymitch didn't fall of the stage at the Reaping like he did in the book(they could've at least had him standing there). Peeta's dad didn't bring Katniss a cookie during the goodbye sequences. I do feel Gale got shortchanged in the adaptaion as well.

The first person narrative of Katniss which clues in so much of her motivations is an aspect I feel keeps the grade down in the 'B' range. If I hadn't read the book would I just feel like Katniss and Peeta were a budding romance vs one that had several roadblocks before even a hint would enter Katniss' mind that Peeta was being genuine.

Regarding the discussion of her size/weight she does notice that compared to some of the other lower District Tributes she is in comparative good health. She attributes this to her hunting and having a more regular diet of meat and having the goat for cheese. Later, during the games, she mentions it good that she put on a few pounds at the Capitol when she is hungary.

I don't feel I need to see it again anytime soon though. Despite seeing it twice(cause I made a last minute descion to go when I got a call Sat night despite having Sunday plans) which I didn't intend to do, I don't know the movie will get lots of multiple viewings. I didn't find nuance in the film from a character perspective that might draw people back or stunning action moments either.

It's a credit to the filmmakers/marketers etc for the audience they pulled OW. Will it maintain that or see big drops the next few weekends though?
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