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Ahh... Now I think I'm getting it...

Then we must add another one, The Drumhead, because a dilithium chamber hatch explodes, & a saboteur is suspected of trying to destroy the Enterprise

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Contagion could be added, but the Warp core was not effected yet, like the Warbirds was.
It started with the destruction of the U.S.S. Yamato, which had a cataclysmic containment failure as a result of a system infection that the ENT-D eventually got contaminated with, therefore, the threat existed that the Ent-D could have the same thing happen to them

My newly amended list

Contagion - Ent-D suffers similar systems failures that eventually brought about the destruction of the U.S.S. Yamato
Heart of Glory - Klingon holding disruptor to the warp core.
The High Ground - Explosive placed on warp core.
Yesterday's Enterprise - Loss of anti-matter containment do to damage to cooling system caused in battle.
Hollow Pursuits - Warp Core injectors stuck.
Disaster - Nearly lost anti-matter containment due to system failures.
The Drumhead - Dilithium chamber hatch explodes from undetected metal fatigue in the hatch cover (A saboteur is suspected)
Cause and Effect - Loss of anti-matter containment due to massive damage to warp nacelle..
True Q - Q causes warp core breach.
Timescape - Aliens using feedback loop on power relay.
Parallels - Borg infested Enterprise suffers warp core breach.
All Good Things... - Loss of anti-matter containment due to interference from the anomaly.

Bah... I give up
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