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Mojochi wrote: View Post
Are you expecting "Contagion" to be added, because the ENT-D suffered from the same systems failures that directly caused the core breach on the Yamato?
Contagion could be added, but the Warp core was not effected yet, like the Warbirds was.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
In Cause & Effect, the explosion originated in the starboard nacelle, and not the warp core. Although the destruction likely spread to the core after the initial explosion.
It did.

Data: The starboard nacelle has sustained a direct impact. We are venting drive plasma.

LaForge: Initiating emergency core shut down.

Ro: Inertial dampeners failing. We’re losing attitude control.

Riker: This is the bridge. All hands to emergency escape pods!

Data: Core shut down is unsuccessful. We are losing anti-matter containment.

LaForge: We got to eject the core!

Data: Ejection systems off line. Core breach is imminent.
I have:
Heart of Glory - Klingon holding disruptor to the warp core.
The High Ground - Explosive placed on warp core.
Yesterday's Enterprise - Loss of anti-matter containment do to damage to cooling system caused in battle.
Hollow Pursuits - Warp Core injectors stuck.
Disaster - Nearly lost anti-matter containment due to system failures.
Cause and Effect - Loss of anti-matter containment due to massive damage to warp nacelle..
True Q - Q causes warp core breach.
Timescape - Aliens using feedback loop on power relay.
Parallels - Borg infested Enterprise suffers warp core breach.
All Good Things... - Loss of anti-matter containment due to interference from the anomaly.
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