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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

PKerr wrote: View Post
I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had a WFT moment when Michonne appeared with the Chained up Zombies, what is she the Zombie whisperer?

I have to say as a comic book fan (never read TWD) I don't want this series to cross into that territory.

It's bad enough our heroes pull off perfect drive-by head shots, head shots on the run and even headshots in general most of the time, let's not start taking it into the land of the silly.
Don't worry, it won't. If you look closely you'll notice their arms and jaws have been removed. They have nothing to attack her with. I think Michonne says in the comics that after a while they gave up even trying to attack her. As for why she has them like that, short answer: remember when Rick and Glenn spread guts over themselves to blend in? Same basic idea, but less messy and longer lasting.
Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
I lament Shane's passing. I'm not sure how the show will work without him.
Quite well, I imagine, if the Governor lives up to what I hear about him from people who read the comics. He'll be a better antagonist for Rick than Shane. Shane's death is the catalyst for realistic change in Rick's charcter. Dude, did you want Rick and Shane to butt heads over Lori for yet another season? More love triangle? A who's the daddy drama to play out? Not me.
Considering that in the comics Shane was killed by Carl way back at the camp outside Atlanta, I'd say they got plenty of mileage out of his character. It was always going to end this way though as you can't maintain that kind of antagonism in an extreme survival situation forever and...well...Rick's the main character.

For the record, I actually do quite like how they're choosing to stray from the source material. It keeps those of us who read the comics guessing.
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