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Re: Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Editions Announced

The BGII upgrade of BGI is already pretty sweet. I just started another run through last month as an evil mage with it, which is the hardest class to grind up in 2nd ed. (my first epic run was a pure selfish-neutral thief when the games were new).

Forgot how friggin cool these games were. NWN is ass, from graphics to gameplay to story, BG has it all over NWN. I quit playing NWN so many times before finally finishing it and even tried the expansions hoping for better, but its all ass. It never needed to be 3D. All of that dev time should have been spent not writing a shitty campaign.

Hopefully, I'll have finished my mage's journey through Throne of Bhaal and be rested and ready for another run by the time these come out.
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